Papillon Breeders

We are here to help you find your Papillon addition.

Firstly, just some basic information for potential dog buyers...

A pedigree purebred dog basically has these features:

  • Both parents are of the same breed and both parents are recognised by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC)
  • Puppies from registered breeders have a 'pedigree' which is basically a family tree for a dog; this means you know that the puppy/or adult has come from the same breed of dog and is purebred.
  • All puppies bred from registered breeders have a pedigree which ensures a purebred background on your new dog; this also means the dog should turn out what the breed should look like.


Designer dogs, crossbred dogs, and 'purebred' dogs are not the same as registered pedigree dogs and some differences are listed below:

Puppies have resulted from either a deliberate or accidental mating from two different and unrelated breed types.

A puppy resulting from two parents who are 'designer dogs' or crossbred dogs.

A puppy resulting from one pedigree, or purebred parent mated to a 'designer' or crossbred dog.

A puppy resulting from two 'purebred' dogs; this can be confusing because how do YOU know as a buyer that the parents haven't come from a previous crossbred dog?

Designer dogs or crossbred dogs do not come from registered breeders from the ANKC.


I hope the information wasn't too overwhelming or confusing to read. As a potential papillon buyer, you should have fallen in love with this breed due to its unique breed characteristics. Buying from a reputable registered breeder is a good way to ensure your gorgeous little puppy grows into what you love about the breed! Below are some of our club members who breed and might have papillon puppies or adults for sale.

Papillon Breeders in SA


Kristy Lewis
0403 001 696
[email protected]


Sue Foster
0414 867 085
[email protected]



Jess Mortensen
0434 434 970
[email protected]



Melissa Dyer


[email protected]



Sue Glennon
0402 118 791
08 83465882
[email protected]



Amanda Gill
[email protected]



Pat Welk
0448 523 011


Gervase Teakle
0429 952 076



If you have not had any luck with any of these contacts, feel free to contact other breeders interstate. Below is a link to DogzOnline which lists other registered papillon breeders across Australia.

Dogz Online Registered Papillon breeders




Contact Details

Allison Greenlees/Puppy Inquiry Officer
Adelaide, SA, Australia
Phone : 0419850258
Email : [email protected]