Adelaide Royal Shared Lunch 2018

Every year Adelaide holds the 'Royal Adelaide Show' which has been commented as 'one of the best large venues for dog showing in Australia'. The team of Dogs SA members, stewards and volunteers all come together to organise this highly anticipated event. Each year the Adelaide Royal brings many Papillon exhibitors from interstate and even overseas, and as a breed club we welcome everyone to enjoy a fun day.
In the past, many Papillon exhibitors have often brought food and drinks to share for lunch; however, this year as our first official breed club we all made this one extra special!
The dog entries usually bring around 50+ Papillons who all compete against one another, and after the show is over there is a communal lunch held to celebrate. We hope to hold this every year at the Adelaide Royal and bring everyone some joy during the long day.


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The Papillon Dog Club of South Australia Inc.

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