Championship Dog Shows

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The Papillon Dog Club of South Australia Inc. holds a championship dog show each year, sometimes twice a year. This involves many members of the club to come together and plan a day filled with a conformation show with a special judge from overseas. The judge is selected because he/she has an interest in the breed and toy breed dogs. The show is filled with trophies, gifts, awards, beautiful ribbons, beautifully groomed Papillons of all ages, photographers, and prizes. After the completion of the show, there is time for refreshments all organised by our members. It is a stressful and rewarding time for all, but encourages an important sport for our members who show their dogs. This is open to the public if they want to spectate and encouraged to speak to many breeders who are all participating.

Contact Details

Allison Greenlees/Puppy Inquiry Officer
Adelaide, SA, Australia
Phone : 0419850258
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